A friend called Time

Hundreds of thoughts running in my mind as to where shall I start with. With some idea, or a dream, with some fun or just, start it 🙂

I loved writing at one point in my life. I wrote diaries running into 3 years, they just ended up as luggage to whichever city I travelled. I had an illusion I could change my country one day with my articles. I could not even change a person, myself, let alone my great country, India. But then, that sense of gratitude towards my country, my society & my people is calling me back, asking me what I have accomplished, at 30, for sake of ‘others’. There are no excuses in life. Just mistakes, regretted & forgotten. Not anymore.

Time just moves ahead,
trying to take you along.
Justify each second of ur life,
You will just reach wherever u belong.

Time, we put in tens of prefixes to define this word & it probably has as many sayings as one can ever think of and of course any ocean of words cannot really describe it. Each person in this world has 24 hours in a day, no less, no more & as mortal beings, we r slaves to this 4-letter word. We all have a different perspective on time. We associate it with almost all things in our daily lives, right from the first rays of sun touching our planet till d moment of sleep at night, even in sleep.

We all have many regrets in life. No matter what, if you think a little deeper, those regrets are associated with time. Having said that, I would also like to admit not taking right decisions, not focusing on right things at right time in my life.

So, if Time is so important to us, what are we doing with it? Are we running out of time to live in our small world of family & friends? This is a question I ask myself & probably you should ask yourself, almost every single day of your life. The only reason I say this is because ‘Time is Limited’ and I have realized the importance of it. And this only word is my biggest motivator to start my blogs again. I would make sure to keep my views/opinions vivid & transparent. I would really appreciate any views/opinions you would like to put forth on any of my articles.

Girish Galipelli

Frozen Thoughts

So, I sat down that night and started thinking how can I repay those debts. The night, for me, became still. No movement of breeze. In my stable mind, those words started resonating and there seemed to be no end for those thoughts in my mind, in my heart. As if every heart beat was becoming heavy as a result of each awful words spoken by that person. My heart became heavy as tears rolled down my eyes to find their destiny, which practically doesn’t exist. But every human being’s destiny exists. Every human has a destiny which he himself carves out for him working out all his lifetime. And our parents too are no exception to it. And it is our responsibility to make them believe this and reach it in an extra-ordinary way.

The person whose awful words I am talking about is the one who humiliated his parents out of his home, his heart and his life. I need not explain the insolating experience but it was heart-stopping.

My question to today’s generation adults is how should we treat our parents? Did anyone ever imagine what kind of dreams they had all their life? How they wanted to live all their life and did they live perfectly as they had dreamed of? Does anyone know what our parents expect from us?

Every parent expects that his son/daughter must be happy. That’s it. Is that what they are in this world for? Is this expectation enough to drive a person to keep their entire lives working hard. But this is the fact of the middle-class Indian families. Every parent is proud of his child. Even if the child lags behind in a competition or fails in a examination, no matter what, still for the parents, their child is the best one on the earth. And what we give them in return? Forget their expectations, today’s adults don’t even have the time to ask their parents if they had their dinner on time. They don’t even respect their parents. And no, these generation adults are no illiterate. They have managed to reach the heights of success, through the education given by their own parents and what these well-educated craps do? They gradually start to feel that their own parents are a burden in life. And a day comes when the old-aged couples are kicked out of their own house. This wasn’t the day our parents were waiting all their life, believe me.

I vividly remember when I as 8, I was suffering from Thyphoid. I didn’t know how deadly the disease was. I still have the memories of my parents sitting by my side all day, all night without getting their own sleep, I don’t know even if they had eaten properly till the day I was cured. There were always tears in my mother’s eyes whenever my father used to get back from work at the end of the day and so many silent tears unspoken of. And if I give it a thought today, at 25, I am sure it was those tears and prayers of my parents that made me cure from that dreaded disease. Imagine how many parents lose their sleeps and miss their foods everyday in every corner of our country, in the globe. Are all that sacrifices made for the worst days that their children will give them when they grow up?

Their Tears have no comparison.
Their Prayers are all so eternal.
Their Love so unconditional.
Their Anger so reasonable.
Their Values so high worth.
Their Lives so Immortal.

And what are the big things that your parents expect from you? All they need are a few words of care, some respect and at the end, a place in your heart. Do simple things for your parents. Whenever I get home on holidays, I frequently visit the kitchen, hug my mother, kiss Her, & say “I Love You Moma.” My mother is illiterate. She doesn’t even know the meaning of those magical words. But this simple thing makes Her happy. My sis told me that. My family resides in Bhiwandi and I work at Pune. I call home daily at 10 in the night and talk to Her. She asks me the same 3-4 questions everyday, “how are you, did u have your dinner, did u cum back from office.” And answering these simple questions makes me feel happy. And believe me, I have been doing this for the past 3 years and not once this process felt like monotonous, never. In fact, every time I talk to Her, it increases what I call the “Parental bond” between us.

It’s impossible to give our parents back all the happiness they have lost because of us in the race called Life. But it’s possible to keep them HAPPY today and hereafter. Remember, you too are going to be a parent someday.

Girish Galipelli